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Day tour of Montenegro with SuperTours

We booked a day trip from Dubrovnik to Montenegro with SuperTours via Viator and it was brilliant! It was a long day but definitely one of the highlights from our trip. The day started with the tour guide picking us up outside our apartment where we were joined by 4 interesting from there the adventure began.

First stop was a lookout where we could see Dubrovnik Old Town and surrounding islands. I was so glad we stopped here as the airport bus drove down the same road but it wasn’t enough time to pause and appreciate the view.

Dubrovnik Old Town

View of Dubrovnik Old Town

When we nearing the border of Croatia we could see Serbia through the morning fog stretching across the valley. Tree tops were poking out of the fog, it was so pretty and mysterious. Going through customs was straightforward on both borders, our tour guide even asked to get all our passports stamped even though we were members of the EU. What was interesting was driving between the border and seeing people live in “no man’s land” between Croatia and Montenegro.

The coastal drive alongside the Adriatic Sea was breathtaking, when we reached the Bay of Kotor it was even more impressive. We took a small car ferry across the bay and could see the Verige Straight, the narrowest part of the bay with mountains and hills towering over us. Stopping by Sveti Stefan an exclusive 5-star hotel resort owned by Aman Resorts we went a bit snap happy before reaching Budva.

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan

Budva is a small coastal town surrounded by Venetian walls. It’s much smaller than Dubrovnik’s old town but still has a lot of charm. We walked around the narrow alleys and stopped off for seaview lunch on the marina where we could admire the boats and luxury yachts. Our surroundings were beautiful, I love how you could see the clear separation of sea, land, mountain and cloud.


Enjoying lunch in Budva

After lunch we drove through the mountains to Kotor, another coastal town surrounded by fortifications which sits on the bay.  We were given a guided tour around the town and then had free time to explore the city where we climbed up the city walls to see Cathedral of St Tryphone, costing us 3 Euros. The walk up is steep and good walking shoes are recommended. I saw people walking up in sandals and thin soled shoes, no idea how they were able to climb it comfortably. Unfortunately for us, we ran out of time to reach the top but climbed high enough to get a beautiful panoramic view of Kotor. The view is like a postcard picture.


Kotor from above

Kotor Kotor

Our last stop was Perast, another old town on the Bay of Kotor where a stone throw away you can visit two islets: St George and Our Lady of the Rocks. We paid 5 Euros to take a boat across to Our Lady of the Rocks, a small church erected on a man made island. It was so peaceful walking around the church, the view from the islet was stunning. Inside the church is a shop and museum, we didn’t go in but enjoyed soaking up the view from outside.

Our Lady of the Rocks Perast

Those were the main highlights of the tour, it has definitely changed my view of Montenegro and trumped all my expectations. If anything it has made me more curious to explore more of this beautiful country. The whole day from start to finish was excellent. Our tour guide was so informative and had answers to all our questions, he made the journey a good laugh and worth every penny.


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