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The colours of autumn

When you talk to most people about the weather in England the majority will say that it’s always raining or cold here, it happens so often that sometimes I start to believe it. The reason I bring this up is that once summer starts winding down, I naturally think winter is coming (GoT reference not intended) and that England has only two seasons. Plus it really doesn’t help when the Christmas lights go up on Oxford Street and shop windows are flaunting winter coats in October.

But a couple weeks ago I walked through London Hyde Park and saw the raw beauty of the unsung hero called autumn and autumn is beautiful. I love the palette of green, red and gold leaves glistening in the sunlight, before colouring the floor with brown leaves. It took me back to being a kid where I used to trample through the grass and kick up dead leaves; the smell of the grass dew and leaf litter is so nostalgic and crisp.

After my walk I felt inspired and a few days later I went for another stroll but this time took my camera. I used it as an opportunity to have a play and practice shooting. Again it was such a glorious day to appreciate the beauty on my doorstep and that when London transitions into autumn it is stunning (not to mention sunny and mild).

London Autumn

London Hyde Park

Autumn trees

Autumn Green Park

London Green Park


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